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Less Magic, More Mechanics by ...From The Shards Of Comets!

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Reviewed on 25th August 2006.


Less Magic, More Mechanics

By ...From The Shards Of Comets!

Post-rock seems to be becoming quite popular these days with bands such as Mogwai, Godspeed You Black Emperor and Explosions In The Sky beginning to claim plaudits from all over the place. The Nottingham based five-piece ...From The Shards Of Comets! will be no doubt aiming to emulate the success of those aforementioned acts.

The single "Less Magic, More Mechanics" opens with an enchanting piano riff and slowly builds in tension with rolling drums and an anxious guitar riff before the song gives way to wailing high-end guitars and crashing drums. This release also features a 2nd untitled song that features heavy metal-esque guitar, sampled vocals and more crashing drums.

This is certainly a single very well done and the production is very nice, but the big question is "do ...From The Shards Of Comets! bring anything new to the table?" The answer is despite all the beauty "probably not". If you're a fan of post rock then there is a high chance you will have heard something similar. If you were going to liken them to one particular post-rock band you would probably find they were closest to Sheffield's 65 Days Of Static.

So I'll leave it right now with the verdict: very effective, very well done, but just lacks that little bit of originality.



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