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The Ruff Guide to Genre Terrorism by Sonic Boom Six

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Reviewed on 28th August 2006.


The Ruff Guide to Genre Terrorism

By Sonic Boom Six

First impressions are usually right. When you first meet someone you are supposed to make a decision on whether you like them or not within six seconds. This law can be applied to many other walks of life. Call your CD 'The Rough Guide To Genre-Terrorism' and I'm interested. Call it 'The Ruff Guide To Genre-Terrorism' and you've spoilt it. Either way correct grammar will not save this band.

Opener Do It Today starts well with a cool sample and distinctive guitars but then the singing starts and all is doomed to failure. There are two lead singers and neither hold enough vigour to save this act. Ben sounds like Lee from A (no bad thing but no new thing) and Laila has such sugar sweet vocals that do not in any way fit the music. There is no grit. The songs are anything but genre-mashing, merely nu-punk with dashes of ska and metal. They use language as if they are from Jamaica when they are actually from the tropical climate of Manchester. They constantly rhyme so many words together that it seems like they are having a competition. They speak about positivity in one song (All In) and in the next are slagging off police (Piggy In The Middle). It whiffs of contradiction.

There are chances to redeem themselves. Shareena kicks off with an amazing Bhangra sample which within seconds is ditched for much of the same thrashing. If it had been used prominently throughout the song it could have saved the album on its own. Don't get me wrong there are decent songs like Piggy In The Middle (despite cringeworthy lyrics) and when they slow things down for Northern Skies they actually sound good. On the whole though Sonic Boom Six fail on almost every level. It isn't new or exciting and they are not, as they claim, 'Bigger Than Punk Rock'.



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