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Velvet Prose by Jack Butler

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Reviewed on 29th August 2006.


Velvet Prose

By Jack Butler

The acapella intro of 'Velvet Prose' and immediate ska-like upbeat tempo make you want to keep listening to this song and quite right too because this is very, very good. It reminded me of Editors and Boy Kill Boy and doesn't really sound like either. The song builds and builds and by the time it was halfway through I was utterly hooked. Liam Kelly's vocals are full of emotion and sound like the he is pouring every inch of his energy into them and the result is nearly pained and totally draws you into the song. The song writing is simple and beautiful and if I'm honest I have no idea what they are singing about. I didn't feel the need to dissect them in the search for anything more because I loved it so much I could just take it at face value. This is a fantastic single and it's going on my generic mp3 player, now.

The B-side 'Candles' starts with the sound of a match being lit, it's a little cheesy but it works and it ploughs right into the song with guitars so fast I felt a bit queasy, again brilliant but they chilled out just enough to let me get into the song without being distracted. This is another good track, maybe not as stand out as 'Velvet Prose' but still damn good. It clearly has so many influences that I felt dizzy trying to pinpoint them before it launched into something else. There's a 70's punk feel in it, the backing vocals sound a bit 80's rock (a definite positive - not a reference to stadium rock). The guitar based happy tempo and surging riffs are very winning and after two songs I'm starting to wonder if this band have ever written anything that didn't begged to be played at repeat and as loudly as possible.

The third and final track 'He's Got No Game' is another good 'un, although it is starting to all sound a bit samey and here lies the only real flaw I can find. There's no real variety to their music although again almost boringly, it's really good. The 'all together now' hollering reminds me of Black Wire but isn't like Black Wire. It's just more good stuff.

Unusually I listened to this single once because I loved it so much it just didn't seem necessary to listen to it again (for the purposes of the review, I'll be listening to it constantly from now on). There isn't much to say apart from this band are great, get them in your life. When the hell are they playing in Leeds? I bags the gig review.



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