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Lucy, What You Trying to Say? by Popup

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Reviewed on 30th August 2006.


Lucy, What You Trying to Say?

By Popup

Popup are fantastic. Sweet, sun-kissed pop music in an age when the likes of Lily Allen are ensuring that pop is no longer a dirty word. This here is a band unafraid to show their true colours and seeing the best in life instead of making grey, depressed music about the badness of the world of which we are all to aware.

'Lucy, What You Trying to Say?' is a luscious and beautiful song on its own but one couldn't possibly neglect to comment on Damien Gilhooley's delightful Scottish accent. Fuck the Johnny Borrell's of the world and their faux-American drawl. It adds so much to the music and allows the listener to somewhat acquaint themselves with the band. Also, name-checking French Connection? Genius.

'In Her Day' does that fabulous second-track thing by showcasing a bit of a new direction whilst still remaining true to the successful tried-and-tested signature sound of the outfit. Slight real-life references to 'transit vans' and the like ensure a spirit of realism tinting the music and to hint at a man's insanity. However, popup don't take it too far in an age where even Alex Turner is "sick of fuckin' people singing songs about all that shit".

Great. What? Leeds gig? RESULT!



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On 2nd September 2006 at 08:56 Anonymous 2871 wrote...

This single is very good.



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