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Time On My Hands by Five O'Clock Heroes

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Reviewed on 2nd September 2006.


Time On My Hands

By Five O'Clock Heroes

Well this is quite nice. New offering from New Yorkers Five O'Clock Heroes is a chirpy happy cute little piece of guitar pop. 'Time On My Hands' has lyrics and vocals so snappy and catchy it has a wonderful heart lifting effect and the jaunty melody makes you wish you were having a sheepish jump around your bedroom to it as it's probably far too happy a song for anyone with mod or punk (etc) aspirations to be caught liking it in public. It's not that interesting or the coolest of singles but it deserves a bit of attention because it is so bloody cheerful. It is definitely American in its sensibilities and I defy you not to tap your feet or nod your head along with but don't bother if you want anything remotely dark or subversive.

The second track 'Good Company' and the fourth and final on the single, an acoustic version of previous single 'Run To Her' are more of the same good solid guitar pop, bubblegum fresh clap-a-long sweetness with no diversion or departure from their trademark sound but its catchiness lies in its charm. Play it in your car in November when it's pissing it down on the ring road.

'Vivian' is the third song on the single and a bit of a find. A lovely ode to lost teenage love and lost teenage years, I secretly dream of indie boys writing songs like this for me. The vocals work really well with the simple lyrics - it doesn't try to be clever but there's genius in this simplicity. It's about a girl but never mentions her name which makes me think it's about a real girl and her name was added as an afterthought so she'd know it was written for her. It appealed to my girlish romantic side and I'll probably play it again when I'm thinking of blue-eyed boys.



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