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Sophia by Nerina Pallot

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Reviewed on 5th September 2006.



By Nerina Pallot

Ever since I heard the overtly political yet undeniably beautiful 'Everybody's Gone to War', I just knew instinctively that Nerina Pallot was a voice we would be hearing for quite some time. She proves my point here with the fantastic "Sophia".

A piano-led introduction does exactly what is intended, softening the listener up for the treat of almost four minutes they are about to enjoy. Pallot's voice is also something of beauty and elegance: light and feminine, but passionate and full for those climax moments in the song.

The lyrics showcase a heart full of love and a head filled with anxiety. 'And the sky's the same as your own, do you think of me?', of the weather as gloomy as her man and she the sunshine which theoretically should brighten his day. 'And now I walk these streets like a stranger in my home town' the feeling we are all so familiar with when we wake up some days and feel like we don't belong; or have we been away for too long?

These and so many questions Pallot not so much asks but merely says just so she knows they exist. A soul-searching song you may say and a bloody good one.



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