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Don't Wait by Dashboard Confessional

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Reviewed on 8th September 2006.


Don't Wait

By Dashboard Confessional

Acoustic-emo superstars Dashboard Confessional are back after two years of writing and recording the follow up to the 2003's million selling "A Mark, A Mission, A Brand, A Scar". "Dusk and Summer" is their new album, and they introduce it with the single "Don't Wait", an acoustic power-song that is inevitably set to divide opinions with its 'love it or hate it' qualities.

I always try to see my glass as half full, so I'll speak firstly of the reasons why people will love it. "Don't Wait" is a soaring, giant of a song saturated in heartfelt emotion. From its grand opening harmonies and rising guitars, it immediately puts itself on a pedestal, determined to make every hair stand on end. The rest of the song never falters from this great height, with Carrabba's persistent, intense vocals perfectly accompanying the magnificent elevating background harmonies and strings. Building up to the final key change at the end, Dashboard Confessional have returned with a striking, inspirational anthem that is sure to delight every fan of theirs and gain them many more.

Now for the reasons why some will inevitably hate it. Heartfelt angst-filled vocals, dramatic harmonies, final key changes... it's a worn-out formula and does not automatically equal a epic and powerful song. The opening has a big impact with its powerful, gospel-like harmonies, but 30 seconds into the song, when you realise that this intense, overpowering scale is not going to fade, panic and fear set in, along with an overwhelming desire to escape. Here and there the powerful, overblown choruses are captivating and moving but a whole song of this proportion is just a bit too much like torture. It seems an over focus on the "epic and inspirational" style and formula has left areas such as quality unattended, and a potentially moving and inspirational song has sold out to focus on the "oh uh oh's" and the clichéd key changes. It's worth putting money on that the next dodgy teen movie that comes out, as this song is destined to feature at that inevitable moment of reflection and realisation before the girl and guy ever so surprisingly get together...

So, it would seem that in "Don't Wait", Dashboard Confessional have made the musical equivalent of marmite. Love it or hate it, you decide.



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