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Digital Saviour EP by In:Audium

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Reviewed on 8th September 2006.


Digital Saviour EP

By In:Audium

A grunge band with the muscle of an Ox and delicacy of a butterfly the Hull based band In:Audium deliver their new EP Digital Saviour. With soaring vocals from Rich Nichols accompanied with layered guitars by Alex Dobson the sonic landscape takes you to other places, then brings you back to earth with a bump as we take off into raving octaves in track 3, "Sleepers". There is something very compelling when hearing somebody push to the top of their vocal range. The rhythm section is solid but sometimes looses its stabilising force through over-complicated sections.

In:Audium strike me as a band that haven't yet found their identity. The sum of their parts is potentially so much more and it would seem like they're missing the chain to join the cogs together. The range of influences indicates that the band is pulling in different directions (this isn't always a bad thing).

The band plays with atmospheric melodies and push the boundaries with some sampled effects and beats. This is an avenue the band could explore more in the future. Indeed, In:Audium are big on the technology behind the music, evident by their guitar setups.

"Drawing Silence" and "Mainstream Consciousness" are both noteworthy for their thunderous tom-tom rhythms and break beat samples adding to the industrial sound. At moments the guitar melodies hold an almost haunting quality reminding me of Streets of Rage. Refreshingly, In:Audium adopt good use of the dynamic range adding to their drop tuning impact.



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