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In The Interest of Absolution by Lynchpin

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Reviewed on 9th September 2006.


In The Interest of Absolution

By Lynchpin

I do not proclaim to be an expert in the genre of metal by any standards, but listening to In The Interest of Absolution from North Yorkshire's nu-metallers, Lynchpin, it all seems very familiar, and I am doubtful that is because I have heard this particular band before. Frantic instrumental beginning? Check. Screaming vocals combined with Americanised vocals instilled with heartfelt emotion? Check. Rising key change building up to big finale with either more screaming or a mellowing guitar riff? Check. It seems like metal is a genre that is literally screaming out for something new, and unfortunately, this band is adding to its out of control tornado of monotony.

'Seven7' opens the album on a frantic, furious note, and it is the honest passion and conviction they emanate in their music that saves this album from being totally devoid of any individuality in the metal genre. 'Nursing Bleeding Knuckles' offers this same heartfelt passion, thankfully containing more straight vocals than screaming. Standout track on the album would have to be 'My Hands Tied', beginning with an ominous, haunting riff and building up to become a soundtrack to some kind of unimaginable scene of devastation and destruction that can be imagined of the future.

Lynchpin are not a bad band. They are talented in what they do; their songs are well constructed, their instrumental talent is commendable and their passion, energy and fury is terrifyingly brilliant. It seems such an obviously talented metal band deserve to gain more recognition for what they are doing by pushing the boundaries and producing music that challenges the whole notion of metal and gives it its long overdue revival. There is potential here and this should be exploited before they are written off as just more of the same old tired formula.



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