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Chickenhawk / I Breathe Spears / With Scissors - split EP by Various Artists

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Reviewed on 14th September 2006.


Chickenhawk / I Breathe Spears / With Scissors - split EP

By Various Artists

Leeds dysfunctional time signature merchants Chickenhawk open this split EP in style with Perpeptucoh parts i-iii and part iv. Raging guitarwork, doom-laden drumbeats and a general penchant for all things raucous make this an interesting selection of tracks. However, this is not just pure 'noise'; though not entirely melodic to the discerning listener, for a metal band there is a definite hook. Having already witnessed this band and knowing their live performance to be superb, I can now also recommend their recorded material.

Up next we have 4 songs from I Breathe Spears. Grimy hardcore-esque warblings, a tad darker than the other bands on the EP and probably less accessible to boot, but after a few listens though I find them growing on me. Vocally nothing stands out for the band, it it just another typical metal growl, but the songs themselves are listenable.

With Scissors do not have a track that lasts over 2 minutes, so listening to their section of the CD is like a blast of dirty, angry energy, though there is an overall sense of positivity and added passion in the vocals. Outstanding track Candyman starts off softly and sweetly, then metamorphoses into a distorted wall of noise and mashed up guitar sounds. A fitting end to an EP of this nature. Fans of the metal/hardcore/post-hardcore (add made up genre here) scenes will no doubt enjoy this CD and be inspired to check out some of the related bands.



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