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Support in the Downtime by They Drove Me To It

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Reviewed on 26th September 2006.


Support in the Downtime

By They Drove Me To It

My first impression of They Drove Me To It is one of striking familiarity, which isn't a good start. The opening salvo of 'Enemy' and 'Kill Your Martyrs' could have come from any one of today's indie-lite wannabes, albeit with female vocals and a tad more distortion. Progressive this isn't. Third track "In Mind" rattles nicely along a similar path, quiet bit, loud bit, catchy(ish) chorus. Everyone's happy. Then something appalling happens. Distorted guitars make way for a clean mid-section, all jangly guitars and shimmering vocals. But if you listen a little closer to those chords, it's a dead ringer for Six Pence None the Richer's hit "Kiss Me", which can only be a bad thing. Fourth track "Green" starts promising enough, hints of electronica set to a pulsing bass line (a la Muse) gives way to a distorted guitar break reminiscent of a Vodafone advert... for some reason. The rest of the song plods along a similar path to that of most radio friendly rock these days, but something's there that wasn't before. The sound is a little more daring, a little... sexier. And then it just stops. Which is nice.

Final track "Bulletproof" shows where the band's potential lies, softly sweeping guitar lines wash through delicate vocals, all majestically bathed in a smouldering rhythm section that slides gracefully instead of pounding clumsily. By far the best effort on display here, adding in slices of acoustic guitar was also a nice touch, and unlike other offerings, didn't feel forced.

The overall feeling at the end of this EP is one of disappointment, and not because the band are in any way bad at what they do. More because the talent is clearly there, you just get the feeling it could be put to better use. Bottom line here is, great name, wasted potential.



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