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Anna by The Voom Blooms

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Reviewed on 28th September 2006.



By The Voom Blooms

Identikit... that's the word that springs to mind. How many shaggy-mopped, skinny, pretty-boy Indie bands playing Libertines inspired ska-skiffle-scratchy-Strokesesque tunes can you possibly need? Well according to The Voom Blooms, who probably got their name from www.shaggy-mopped-skinny-indie-band-name-generator.co.uk, there's always room for one more. How confusing it must be for anyone who isn't glued to the NME's weekly fashion charts to actually distinguish one from another. This is all sounding horribly cynical now isn't it? Especially as fundamentally there is little wrong with sprightly single Anna or Clash inspired B-side The Models of Soho but that title alone should scream "OVER DONE" at you. What's more amazing and certainly more damning than the band's carbon copy dress sense is the fact that the imagination at work in an industry that churns out one band after another of 4 middle-class white lads who consider being rebellious as having been "pissed more times than they can remember Justin", is the severe lack of imagination, nay desire to find something new. Destined to be played in the background while you wander round TopMan/Shop and blur in to the next track on the dance floor, The Voom Blooms are a marketing milestone in having reached the perfect average. It's not their fault, it's just timing... look on this as the straw that broke the camel's back.



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