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Bust the Trunk: the Singles by Dawn of the Replicants

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Reviewed on 29th September 2006.


Bust the Trunk: the Singles

By Dawn of the Replicants

Welcome once again to indie's answer to the land that time forgot, somewhere around 1998. Around this time, your friendly journalist was living the student life in Stoke-on-Trent piecing together a student radio show for a couple of hours a week generally trying to alert the denizens of the Potteries to numerous "in for a week at number 74 then out again" indie bands (Seafood, Velocette, Linoleum, the High Fidelity, Inner Sleeve, Tenner, Chest and a ton of other long-forgotten victims of the post-Britpop indie cull), by and large without success. What can I say, it was the dreaded era of S Club 7 and Steps and guitar music in all its shapes and forms was generally fighting a losing battle to make people listen. I swear you younger kids don't know how easy you have it sometimes (just kidding).

Dawn of the Replicants I remember from these days - I used to play their old singles "Rule The Roost" and "Born In Baskets" quite a bit back in the day so when I saw this on the reviews list I asked the ed to send me a copy. And you know something, I'm quite glad I did.

Hailing from the same Scottish lo-fi scene that spawned the likes of Mogwai and Octopus, Dawn of the Replicants hailed from the same sort of mid-'90s electro-indie stable that had earlier produced the excellent likes of the Boo Radleys and the Super Furry Animals and their music was (and indeed still is) of a similarly high quality.

It's all pretty damn bizarre but that's part of its charm - the frenetic paranoia of "Lisa Box" and the sluggish menace of "Science Fiction Freak" and "Love Is A Curse" are particular highlights on here. The key is that, for the most part, the Replicants for all their desire to broaden their boundaries kept the tunes and listenability firmly in place which is not something you could say of a lot of the bands who try a similar schtick today (yes Kasabian, I may just be talking about you). Ten years well spent I would say. You would be well advised to give this band a listen.



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