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Four on the Floor by Juliette & The Licks

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Reviewed on 29th September 2006.


Four on the Floor

By Juliette & The Licks

Who can be expected to empathise with Miss Juliette Lewis other than her equally hard done to peers? It must be a real bitch knowing that celebrity A is worth X many more millions than you and queen bitch B got that movie role you wanted. Life must really suck. But hold on, it's easy to fall into the baited trap of finding Juliette and her band an easy target. It's an age old truth that film / TV stars turned music maker are prime meat for all reviewers to gorge their cynical little appetites on, hungrily spitting out the bones with a look of glee. Surely the best thing for Lewis to do is ignore reviews completely cause she already knows what's coming. The chances are good that she has shared five minutes with Keanu Reeves at some point in her life and got to know, in that short time, that this is one hell of a rocky road for a career re-direction.

The Licks have apparently now settled down into a regular line-up which has nothing to do with coping with a certain ego at all... honest! Drummer-less going into the recording of their second album, they decided as a cunning move to improve kudos to employ one Dave Grohl which in fairness makes this a much more interesting listen all round. It would also appear that Lewis is not oblivious to the fact that she and you occupy very different social spheres and so rather than moan about them she sticks to self abuse, men and going "Owwwooah my god!" which is a lesson straight from the Bobby Gillespie book "How I made a career out of songs about bugger all".

Ten tracks of Rolling Stones tributes with a dose of The Stooges and the bendy Lewis adopting the role of a female Iggy or just think Peaches only more famous. Grohl does his best to liven up the MOR structures but at times you can almost hear the conversation which starts "Why don't we just let Dave do his thing there and then we can just go back into the verse". However it's not all going through the motions. New single "Hot Kiss" is enjoyable nonsense for getting drunk and shaking your thang to while "Killer" almost borders on the Yeah Yeah Yeahs territory. "Death of a whore" offers something darker reminiscent of Hole and "Get Up" has a pleasing Who-esque intro which sees Grohl do the best Keith Moon impression committed to record for some time.

Lewis has always shown herself to be an actress interested in the more diverse roles, so in some ways it is odd to find her sticking to one of the most well worn and clichéd forms of rock'n'roll. Still as a collection of harmless fun with an interesting drumming aside this is painless enough and you can always comfort yourself with the fact that it could be Paris Hilton.



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