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Flowers Of Deceit by Bricolage

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Reviewed on 1st October 2006.


Flowers Of Deceit

By Bricolage

This record made me nostalgic for 2003. Look there's Franz Ferdinand climbing rapidly up the greasy pole, from Carling Stage to festival headliner, from NME tour opener to cover idols. Damn I hate nostalgia. You keep looking back like that and you lose your focus, everything hazes over.

Bricolage just about fight their way out of the fog. They got smarts but they don't rub your face in it. Take their opening gambit, tossed out, quickly trampled on by the next verse: "When we go walking outside / I find it hard to decide / Which car to jump in front of / And you give me a little shove."

They are being loudly championed by FF which, whilst bringing beneficial exposure, will surely make it harder to shake the Franz Jr. tag. They share that well balanced four-piece magic. They both borrow liberally from the classic Postcard era. They sound like Franz used to do, playing to a thousand knowing scenesters. They remind me of what I used to like about them before I heard 'Take Me Out' for the three thousand and seventeenth time.

Here the drums push things along at a lick, the guitars and bass sound positively bouncy. Together they almost taunt you, knowing the combination is irresistible. As 'Flowers Of Deceit' reaches its apex, the vocals weave together betraying the song's simple early pleasures. That flash of arrogance you've seen before, but still it attracts you just the same. "I saw you looking / Look. But. Don't. Touch."

Let me introduce you to Bricolage. They are the latest contender.



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