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Girl That Speaks No Words by Infadels

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Reviewed on 2nd October 2006.


Girl That Speaks No Words

By Infadels

A mix up at the CD factory? Kasabian b-sides being slipped into Infadels sleeves? No. Just the effect of Jagz Kooner producing your single. It really does sound like track two on Kasabian's next single. Except even Kasabian wouldn't let slip a song this bad. Distinctive? Only the production. The song breezes by with no bite or catchy lyrics. Then, as if having to listen to the title track once isn't bad enough, there is the Girl That Speaks No Words (Alan Braxe & Fred Falke Remix Edit), the Girl That Speaks No Words (Night Moves Remix) and the Girl That Speaks No Words (Alan Braxe & Fred Falke Remix). I couldn't make it up. They add a dull remix as a b-side, then, just to make sure you definitely slip into a coma, include the same remix unedited! The four versions of Girl That Speaks... sandwich a cover of the Raconteurs 'Steady As She Goes'. Apparently a live favourite. Probably true if you are actually watching The Raconteurs. Not big or clever, and amazingly, not at all good. Terribly sang with a horrible electro synth leading. Even the drums are infuriatingly third-rate. Avoid the single but please go out of your way to hear their interpretation of 'Steady As She Goes'. It's a comedy gem.



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On 19th September 2007 at 13:05 Anonymous 6793 wrote...

Don't be so critical of this track - it works on the dancefloor, people love it. If it sounds like Kasabian because of Kooner does it matter? People are always complaining that every band sounds the same nowadays, at least this is a good track. If the Infadels are going to sound like someone else is it so bad that it's Kasabian?



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