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Untitled by Kid Coda

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Reviewed on 5th October 2006.



By Kid Coda

Kid Coda are billed as the North-Eastern equivalent of Super Furry Animals, which in itself is a massive tag for an upcoming band. They ply their trade somewhere between the funky psychedelia of the Stone Roses and the soulful grace of Air. The bass lines on this record are astounding, each one carving out its own pounding unique rhythm, while guitars and electronica wail and flail around them in a seemingly endless barrage of funked up voodoo and eerie menace, like a bad acid trip set to music. It is impossible to pick highlights on this album because whilst none of it is spectacular or at the same time bad, it is impossible to distinguish between tracks. Sure enough each track has its own distinct character and mood, but after listening to it as a whole it becomes difficult to remember what you have just heard. The vocals are sparse, the noise is layered to the extreme, this is experimental funk at its most disobedient. These songs absolutely refuse to stay in one place, as such making it taxing to put your finger on what you're listening to. This isn't a down point however, it makes for a thoroughly cathartic listening experience, allowing the music to wash through you makes you feel somewhat cleansed, almost spiritual.

There are bad points here; however, at times it does seem a little over long, with most tracks clocking in at almost 5 minutes, and the final track lasting for a full seven. And it's this that will alienate some people. Such a rich tapestry of musical indulgence can be a little overwhelming at times, couple this with the inability to distinguish tracks and you have a record that absolutely eliminates the casual listener. Fans of radio friendly 3 minute indie pop or 3 chord punk need not apply here, this is indeed for initiated ears only. That said this band still has a lot to offer. Fans of this type of music should be in their element with this; everyone else however can take it or leave it.



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