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Micro / I Am The Storm by Redcarsgofaster

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Reviewed on 5th October 2006.


Micro / I Am The Storm

By Redcarsgofaster

I need to start by apologising to the band on this one. This double A-side was released on August 14th and due to work commitments and down-right laziness I've only just got round to properly reviewing it. If I was the God of LMS I wouldn't even post this. Actually I wouldn't post half the crap I write in these reviews, but perhaps that's a debate for another time.

I can make it up to the band for the tardiness of this review by imploring you to check these guys either on record or live. If the energy they project in a live show is even half of what I was getting through the speakers of my mates stereo, then they'll be absolutely essential!

'Micro' starts with a drum beat which could have been lifted straight out of 'Transmission' by Joy Division before giving way to a thunderous wall of guitar which recalls Sonic Youth or Leeds stalwarts Forward Russia and the general feel is post-hardcore with a bit of intelligence.

Second track, 'I Am The Storm' is a slightly more refined effort with a bit more emphasis on the electronics and simply shows that they have more than one string to their impressive bow. Starting off reminiscent of Barnsley psychedelic indie band, The Palms, the mix of keyboards and percussion is quite ethereal but its not to long before feel its necessary to give you a good slapping with a Biffy Clyro-esque guitar riff, and lead singer James shouting out his lyrical mantra a la 'Hope is Important' era Idlewild.

And early Idlewild are a pretty good reference point for this Leicester sextet, but undoubtedly with a more modern twist. If you like what Forward Russia do but think it's all a bit too chaotic, then the more ordered and controlled outbursts of Redcarsgofaster should be right up your street.



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