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Like A Pen by The Knife

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Reviewed on 6th October 2006.


Like A Pen

By The Knife

Having not heard a thing from The Knife's latest album, Silent Shout, I'm was intrigued as to what 'Like A Pen' sounded like. In fact, all I know about their last album is that it was awarded one star by a magazine I shall not name. A magazine that awarded the Darkness flop, One Way Ticket To David Bellion, or something or other, four stars. A magazine that fills itself every month with "100 Greatest" lists. A magazine that has a mailbox, probably filled with questions from the likes of Mr Juan Kuerr asking why Sean Moore was only number 57 in the greatest drummers list. Well piffle! While standing in the Q for the bus this morning I thought I'd give The Knife's new single a spin. As the Q got bigger I entered the CD, and plugged in my headphones. By the times I pressed play the Q was massive. Can you guess what magazine it is yet? (clue- not Mojo). The song contains all the good ingredients of a great Knife tune. The classic Sega Mega Drive intro, Karin's distinctive broken English vocal, and ambiguity - God knows what it is about, but I have a few ideas. Take this verse for example; "Sitting and picking on myself / It's a shiny, shiny morning / And when the light finds my eye / I'll be fleeting like a scent".   While it does seem like something is missing (perhaps the beauty of 'Heartbeats' or stupidity of 'Rock Classics' or 'I Just Had To Die'), it is nevertheless a decent effort. It does sound a bit tired however, and the fact that it is the fourth single taking from the album (in their native Sweden) probably shows. You'll be pleased to know though, that it isn't as accessible as 'Heatbeats'. Why? Because then it means that Jose 'the excitement' Gonzalez probably can't ruin it. I'm sure he'll try though.   As I Q up to renew my emo cult membership, there is just one final point- if you can get your hands on the Thomas Schumacher dub mix, do it. It's great.

Yours lovingly,

Mr Q Bastard.



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