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Undercurrents by The Silent Parade

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Reviewed on 6th October 2006.



By The Silent Parade

The Silent Parade are a Manchester quartet who, by their own admission, take influences from Muse, My Vitriol and The Mars Volta, as well as Manchester compatriots Doves and Oceansize. This would be true, were it not for the fact that all of these bands have a hook, something that draws the listener in, These lads, however, do not. Theirs is the most suburban kind of indie foppishness this side of Keane, and when they try to do something a little different, adding a little distortion and what not, it sounds terribly contrived and obvious, something which their press release states they are not.

First track (and lead single) "Undercurrents" takes everything that was once vital about the Manchester indie scene, dilutes it somewhat, re-packages it and sends it back out for consumption. The whining, self-pitying vocals sit somewhere between Tom from Keane and a 4 year old girl who has just wet her bed. The music that surrounds it doesn't fare much better either, the sheer boredom flowing from the speakers makes me yearn for my Slayer records, even the Arctic Monkeys would last longer on my stereo.

Such was my utter indifference to this track, I wisely decided to skip the full version of the previous song (the first was simply a 'Radio Edit') and play the third and final track instead. I thoroughly wish I hadn't. This song sounds so monotonously similar to that which came before it that I began to question weather it was a different track at all. Put simply, "Machines" is a dire track from a dire band on a dire release. Spectacularly pedestrian doesn't quite cover it. The same slowly meandering verses build into the same anthemic(ish) choruses which all build up to the same one note conclusion. If you're already a fan of indie music, this might be for you, if not, please check someone else out first because as a representative of the genre this is bound to leave a sour taste. Look elsewhere first.



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