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Roc Ya Body by Ping Pong Bitches

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Reviewed on 7th October 2006.


Roc Ya Body

By Ping Pong Bitches

Ping Pong Bitches' forthcoming single 'Roc Ya Body' sounds like Goldfrapp, X Ray Specs and Karen O locked Girls Aloud in a dungeon and beat the crap out of the pop tarts then turned it into a record about wanting to shag teenage boys. It is a track for the girls. Not that I'm saying that boys can't enjoy it. It's just that for maximum enjoyment you should probably play it while grooving around your boudoir wearing nothing but red lipstick and stilettos, imagining your chosen crush tied to your bed while you while you brandish a whip (ahhh, memories...)

The sexy and hypnotic guitar riffs fused with the electronic beats are addictive and I can't decide if it's punk or pop or electronica and who cares. 'Roc Ya Body" manages to be decadent, lush and simultaneously simple. The production sounds clean and uncluttered. It is really rather good and (maybe this is just me) it really makes you think of the rude stuff in life. Which is the whole point I think. Apparently it is all about the lead singer's 'illicit lustings' for a teenage boy she met on a coach - "I'll take you to the devil, pretty boy you're going to hell." I don't think she wants to hold hands. Note to The Session, don't play this in The Cockpit on a Friday. You'll all be arrested when the congregated drunken schoolgirls start to strip. Cute and sultry, this is the anthem of the teenage dominatrix, turn it up please.

B side Gatecrasher isn't as good but then illicit lustings are a hard act to follow. Another song about how naughty and bad and cheeky the girls are (I really hope they have some songs with another subject matter.) It has a truly fantastic dirty electronic beat but alarmingly this time the vocals sound a bit like the bird from Rogue Traders aka that Izzy from Neighbours (wash yer face yer dirty cow!) This number sounds less sophisticated than Roc Ya Body and whereas I couldn't totally define the A side this is definitely an electronic dance track. The production is great but some of the lyrics sound amateurish and in need of a little more thought. Shame really because the A side is so bloody good. As an afterthought a remix of Roc Ya Body has been tacked on the end. It's ok. Remixes to me are like the twin you don't fancy. Just not as sexy and shiny. The tempo of the vocals has been slowed so the girlpunk style is lost a little which is one of several pieces that make it so great. Again, shame.

So to sum up. The B sides are ever so slightly disappointing but Gatecrasher in particular is still quite good and it is still worth buying the single for the fantastic Roc Ya Body. I'm off to download porn and root out me cat o'nine tails.



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On 10th October 2006 at 12:42 Anonymous 30 wrote...

Must be a girl thing as I thought the track was pretty second rate after a listen on Myspace. Sounded just a little forced and unimaginative. Maybe like you say, you need to be dancing to it to get anything more from it.



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