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This Is Our Fight by For Those Lost

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Reviewed on 12th October 2006.


This Is Our Fight

By For Those Lost

When a band comes to you promising to sound like Slayer, Mastodon and Sick of It All, as a metal fan you could be forgiven for getting over excited. While British hardcore hopefuls For Those Lost sound pretty much nothing like any of those bands, instead crafting a sound more akin to that of Arizona's The Bled, you are left in no way disappointed. This is brutal stuff.

The album opens with just under a minute of softly sweeping, yet wholly unhinged noise, like a comforting doctor's voice from the operating table, just before you fall asleep and he pulls your guts out. This serves as a calm before the storm, a storm you know is coming, but you don't quite know what to expect from it. Second track "I Smile at Your Terror" welcomes you to the nightmare with manic off-beat drumming, jarring, discordant chords and a throat shredding howl that would have most of today's young fashion-core set running home to mummy. "Grey Day" ups the ante a little further, beating harder, faster and much more technical than all that came before, a cool two-hand tapped intro giving way to a furious blast of thoroughly unholy noise. Things calm a little toward the middle, but after a thoroughly inspiring guitar solo the band slip right back into psycho-Ville without missing a beat. "Walk to The Sun" seems to tread water a little after the previous exertion, favoring a simple chug heavy approach as opposed to the guitar histrionics of previous tracks, yet as the song builds into another breathtaking guitar solo and beat-down, its power becomes frighteningly apparent. A much less taxing track follows in the shape of "Case Against You"; the bright chords used here give the song a slightly punkier feel, breaking up the album perfectly at the mid point. Elsewhere on this album there is plenty to write home about, the heavy chug fest of "Retribution" and "A Promise Made" threatening Johnny Truant's place at the top of the tech-metal pile, whilst 5 minute plus closer "The Blue Horizon" starts like a straight up tribute to Iron Maiden, before careering back through hardcore territory and ending with sombre acoustics and atmospheric synth.

I cannot say enough about the potential of this band. Buy their records, go to their shows (they have a full UK tour scheduled for November) and show your support, because fans of unhinged, technically astounding metal will certainly not be disappointed.



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