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Dolly Dolly by Piranha Deathray

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Reviewed on 12th October 2006.


Dolly Dolly

By Piranha Deathray

Piranha Deathray are four camper than camp indie fops who look set to steal the Scissor Sisters' crown for most gloriously tongue in cheek band around. The band comprises of Wataru Idol (Bass), Hatted Sam Kelly (Drums), Blonde Jeremy (Vocals) and Son of King Rebel (Guitars and vocals), and they make one immensely sexy racket. The bass on lead track "Dolly Dolly" marches around a tightly regimented drum beat while offbeat chords stab in and out of the melee. This is a sound akin to what Maximo Park might sound like if you remove the flab and put Dave Vanian from The Damned on vocals, such is the essence of their sexy yet spooky pop.

Second track Last Australian in Space plods a similar path to a point where you can now tell the band's appeal would wear thin after a few more tracks, but with such charm and charisma emanating from the speakers of a stereo, lord only knows what the live show could bring. And having already tread the boards with the aforementioned Maximo Park as well as The Long Blondes and the Pipettes, things are looking rosy for Piranha Deathray on the live front.

The feeling after listening a little more is one of wonderment, because as has been said about many of today's scene leaders of the indie world, this band have the ability to go anywhere. With such an over the top name they are bound to get noticed eventually, having stage names to match doesn't hurt either. At the end of the day though, it is their music that will see them through, because find me a more extroverted bunch of exhibitionists willing to push their musical genre among the current indie crowd, I will eat my hat, and yours.



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