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Screaming Mini / Repomen - split single by Various Artists

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Reviewed on 12th October 2006.


Screaming Mini / Repomen - split single

By Various Artists

It's a great feeling when you pick up a CD knowing nothing about a band, put it on and hear a track that blows you away. As is the effect of Screaming Mimi's 'Who Is Louise?'. Two minutes and nine seconds of wonder leave you begging for more and wondering where the songs male protagonist is lurking. It sounds like the Pixies if they never had Frank Black singing and instead gone ahead with a sultry, confident, purring female lead. With a great acoustic backdrop the lead guitar sounds like it is duelling with itself, constantly breaking the structure of the track. It is not afraid to sound out of place, by no means an insult. The track would be bland without the frenetic shotgun guitar lead frying the rest of the track. It will not grace the upper echelon's of the charts but for this reason alone I love it more. It feels like my little secret knowing how great this track is. Check out their website for the 'Who Is Louise?', three other songs to download and details of the singles release and upcoming tour [9/10].

Repomen are very lucky to get a joint double A-side release with Screaming Mimi's wonderful Who Is Louise? It's easy to see why this is the second track as it doesn't have half the charm or confidence. Can't find anything of note to talk about. The song turns up, starts, stomps along and ends. It doesn't do anything out of the ordinary and sounds very cheap next to Screaming Mimi's track. The vocals are lacking any sort of conviction and although the lyrics are half decent they need a good sneer. There is a definite lack of any sort of creepiness here. In fact the guest performance from Screaming Mimi's Loretta steals the show and that is hardly noticeable. The music's okay but does nothing spectacular. It's supposed to be a 'story of post hurricane Katrina'. I don't know how or where it is but that's the claim. Buy the single purely for Screaming Mimi [4/10].



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