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Violence by Rose Kemp

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Reviewed on 17th October 2006.



By Rose Kemp

Formerly known as Silence in D Minor on the Free to be me EP, "Violence" always has been a strong song. Its soft and melancholic verses with a lightly veiled angst build the tension before it explodes with a release of cathartic rock. What Rose does well is building this tension, it's always there yet never quite wholly apparent and so when the first Jeff Buckley / PJ Harvey / Carina Round style hard-rock outburst comes, it's not quite a surprise but it's hardly expected either. However, what lets the song down is, indeed, these rock sections, they sound too much like the aforementioned artists and whilst they work in context, they could certainly be more original in their execution. Rose's absolutely stunning voice makes up for it in part, but a good song could become so much better with more development of a more authentic style to compliment it.

Rose is an artist whose intimate live performances are stunningly beautiful and entirely captivating, however, as with the aforementioned Free to be me EP the recorded versions fail to fully live up to their live counterparts. This is again the case with Violence and the B-side, Fire in the Garden, the experimentation with the vocal loops is done well and the song works but it's not quite the same haunting and morbidly intriguing song that comes across at a concert. Something of her soul is lost in the recording process, which is a great shame as it drops this single from good to merely above average.



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