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Reviewed on 18th October 2006.



By Simple Kid

Simple Kid's career to date has been short. He released his first album, 1, in 2003 and after stressing himself out from touring he packed it in, got a job in his local Rent-a-Vid shop and sat there happily watching Weird Science and Werner Herzog movies. He enjoyed it so much he didn't bother with music. After a while of this he decided he would again write songs, loved them, recorded them and once again hit the road. As of today he is still enjoying this and long may his enjoyment last if it means creating gems like the ones on this album. Opener Lil' King Kong is country-tinged bango rocker with great lyrics about rising to a better station. Self-Help Book is perhaps the best song on the album warning us that 'If you get drunk tonight, Yer gonna fall down' and the seemingly auto-biographic 'If you don't talk about, problems compound. If you don't sort it out, Yer gonna break down.' It's a real tale of becoming wiser and free. There's a definite Neil Young influence on this record. Old Domestic Cat sounds like Young's A Man Needs A Maid and Love's An Enigma sounds like a Neil Young on acid recreating his finest moments with Buffalo Springfield. Lead single 'Serotonin' is a heartbreaker. Its amazing lyrical content contemplates whether there's anything new to be given to a world that has so much, has it all been done before and were the people who have made it ever caught in a dead end job. There are many people/bands that could be referenced as potential influences (Beck, Gomez, Young, Gram Parsons) but where at points he does sound like people, he is in no way like any of them. Overall an album worthy of the break he took, only this time if you see someone in your local video shop with 'Simple' on his name badge tell him to get back in the studio.



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