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Oklahoma by The Answering Machine

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Reviewed on 18th October 2006.



By The Answering Machine

By now we all know how it works: First you get the guitar, then you get the MySpace, then you get the women. And hey, sounding like a low budget Strokes will push things along eh? But apparently no, the devilish womenfolk of Manchester are eating The Answering Machine's lead singer alive.

Martin, the young man in question, seems to be racked by low self-esteem issues. Take his reaction to this venomous rejection: "Oh I tried it... I tried to like you / I was lying just to stay at your place / But when I leave you, why won't you leave me alone?" And how does the doormat respond - "That's a blow / Still not to worry." I bet the drum machine's getting more action than that guy (and with a killer name like Mustafa Beat why not? Though he might, presumably, encounter some trouble at US customs).

This single is all up-tempo indie-pop topped with gruff vocals on a metronome beat. It's pretty accessible, after all girl trouble is (half) universal and they've been catching some music press attention lately, primarily due to their outspoken supporters Captain. It's not without merit. Both tracks are a little one-paced (see earlier drum machine reference) and the jangly guitars will irritate some but there's a light shining out from this rough-cut session.

Here's one last tale of our sad little man: "And I keep on / Trying not to go harder / Trying not to be smarter / Trying not to notice you... But I / I can't remember / Oh no!"



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