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Drop It Till It Pops by Hot Club De Paris

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Reviewed on 19th October 2006.


Drop It Till It Pops

By Hot Club De Paris

I was looking forward to hearing this album having heard Everyeveryeverything and missing them supporting Maximo Park because of an inability to read my watch. However disappointment soon rained down on me.

Some would say it poured. The album opens with Shipwreck which sounds like NOFX. They seem to push the fact that they their songs have odd time signatures and layered up vocals. Yes, these things are here but by no means do they make the album interesting. The harmonies are nothing spectacular and are no better than many other bands using them more subtly. There are shades of current bands in here with influences from Futureheads and Dartz! but I can also hear slight Blink 182 and even a slight Less Than Jake-ness about them. Clockwork Toy is apparently a 'clear contender for a future single' but I don't see the same potential for it. It's a decent pop song but just melts into the confusion of the album. There's no real cohesive link or flow throughout the album. Names and Names and Names is a nice tune about meeting a someone for the first time and staring off a lifelong friendship without realising it.

Sometimes It's Better and Who Am I? just seem a bit overly childish and this is where the NOFX and Less Than Jake sound returns. Who Am I? could be great but it's the little 'What's my motherfucking name' intro and outro that spoil it. Bonded By Blood (A Song For Two Brothers) takes the vocal arrangements to a level too far and it sounds like The Bloodhound Gang. Snitches Get Snitches is a short return to form and works well with some nice harmonies and vocal arrangements. Everyeveryeverything is left till last here and it's a massive dissapointment when it's the best song. Overall a disappointing listen from something that I had high hopes for. It's worth a listen but there's better stuff out there like Dartz! and the Motorettes.



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