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Lethologica by Mt.

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Reviewed on 23rd October 2006.



By Mt.

So, Cumbrians, you wish to be pronounced 'mount' whilst being spelt Mt.: to be on the map, a landmark. And your chosen medium is a kind of largely-acoustic minimalism somewhat in the Reichian manner but with a stirring stormy StomuYamashtan thrash  two thirds of the way through then returning slightly in the electro-gongy-windblown finale. Whether this be the aim or not it's pretty well achieved in this ambientish forty-seven minute construction. The percussion's very satisfying, while the short vocal section could cause some doubts, and a couple of  parts veer towards lute/mandolin concerto on first hearing; the perceived balance may change with growing familiarity, as subtleties of texture work through. Thanks - I hope people take proper notice of what you've done, even if they wouldn't choose to describe it quite in the above terms.



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