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Well Well Well by Milburn

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Reviewed on 24th October 2006.


Well Well Well

By Milburn

If you're not familiar with the story, Milburn are a four piece spiky indie band from the realms of Sheffield that are best buds with, you've guessed it, Arctic Monkeys. Although their music sounds very similar, Milburn happen to be the predecessors of the Monkeys. The similarity is blatantly obvious; lyrically they rely on cheeky observational puns intertwined with sharp, stabbing guitar riffs. Saying this, it has to be noted that the fact that they hatched before their twin band alone doesn't give them the right to be rated higher.

The album's opening and title track 'Well Well Well' breaks through with a jagged chord rhythm reminiscent of The Clash's 'London Calling' merging into a trademark blues chord structure and finishing with a crescendo not too dissimilar to the build up of 'Fake Tales of San Francisco'. This trend continues with songs such as 'Send In The Boys' and 'Stockholm Syndrome'; same song structure, identical reverb on the singer Joe Carnall's voice and guitar riffs that could well be the same as the Monkeys but played backwards.

Still, it doesn't all follow this trait; they throw their own ingredients into the melting pot of 'chant-friendly' snappy rock. Things seem to perk up for the boys towards the end of the album. 'Brewster' and 'What You Could've Won' are a pair of incomparable tracks that could easily be transformed into pub sing-along anthems in the near future; followed by 'Roll Out The Barrel', a beautiful catchy acoustic tune reflecting their diversity and true potential.

If the release date were timed better, maybe when the Monkeys' success had deflated and we are thirsty for something that takes us back to the time when 'Whatever you Say I am That's What I'm Not' was first released and everybody was realising that the hype is indeed justified by something fresh and exciting that had been released, then maybe Milburn would be welcomed with open arms.



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