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Reviewed on 25th October 2006.



By Rolo Tomassi

You can't really diss Rolo Tomassi. In fairness, I've seen these guys struggle through hardcore shows, getting abuse from the scene kids because they're all about 14 (my old band played with them last year and they bought their GCSE revision books with them), but they've struggled on over the past year and finally honed their unusual brand of synth-spazzcore, so now their headlining shows and supporting HORSE the band and stuff.

So yeah, they're pretty synth-heavy, but not in a ridiculous Trencher way, think An Albatross with HORSE beatdowns. Oh, with a bit of 70s rock for measure. And they have a girl singer, which is cool but might put people off even though you can't tell. The more I listen to this EP the more dynamic it becomes. There's a whole bunch more to it than you first think, especially with regards to their commitment to not sounding the same with each song, so overall it's worth checking out if you're into anything heavy because it's always good to have a bit of diversity in your hardcore.



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