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Lie Lover Lie by The Blood Arm

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Reviewed on 27th October 2006.


Lie Lover Lie

By The Blood Arm

"Let's lay down some f**king hits" drolls The Blood Arm frontman and all round king of cool sleaze Nathaniel Fregoso on their new long player's opening number. The Blood Arm may have announced their arrival in somewhat muted style last year but sweeeeet jesus will new album 'Lie Lover Lie' garner the band the attention they deserve.

What an absolutely, 24karet gold record this is. Just when you thought the indie whirlwind had all but run out of blow, The Blood Arm emerge from the dust kicked up and unleash a category 5 stonker all of their own creation. If you were blown away the first time you heard 'Hot Fuss', prepare for the same kind of reaction the first time you run through 'Lie Lover Lie', the confident opening mission statement couldn't be anymore astute.

Confidence is undoubtedly one thing the band and especially the before mentioned frontman possess in near illegal amounts. Some may see it as arrogance and when you bare witness to him repeatedly singing with not a trace of irony "I like all the girls / and all the girls like me" (on lead single 'Suspicious Character') , you wouldn't be out of place to agree with them. But on the other hand, it's been a long time since you got your rockstars with a bit of pizzazz and swagger. Who wants to see Brandon Flowers lurking at the back of the stage looking like his goldfish has just died, when you can have a snake hipped, mightily coiffured mentalist like Fregoso gyrating in your face? Exactly. NO-ONE.

Live, The Blood Arm lay waste and light up the room in equal measure. Violently ushering you to dance and marvel simultaneously. Surely a full UK tour must be on the cards shortly. You'd be best advised to catch them when they do.

Right now, there's the new album to get stuck into. As not so secretly hinted at earlier, it's an exceptional slice of pure indie-pop perfection. Wall to wall hits with the occasional momentarily slow down that also manages to contain all the charisma and charm as their compatriots and prove The Blood Arm are no one trick ponies. Amongst the glitterati of their instant smash hits, you'll find the cautionary piano led 'Accidental Soul', the fast paced 'The Chasers' and a newly revamped version of 'Do I Have Your Attention?' with added "whoas" and "yeahs". While potential long term highlight 'Ps. I Love You But I Don't Miss You' is the perfect centrepiece to tie together the dance and serious relationship elements that The Blood Arm pride in enticing together.

When all is said and done it would be nice to think this album will be viewed as a modern classic in the realms of indie. Whether enough people will hear this album is a cause for contention, as bands such as Nightmare Of You found out to their peril last year, a stonewall perfect music formulae still isn't enough sometimes. The Blood Arm have all the credentials to be the triumph of the Autumn. All signs point to a lot of love coming their way, but according to Fregoso. He's probably going to get enough of that one way or another anyway.



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