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February Snow by Fell City Girl

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Reviewed on 29th October 2006.


February Snow

By Fell City Girl

The idea behind mentioning Sigur Ros in the first line of their bio, was probably a vague effort on the part of Fell City Girl's PR team to try and draw off the inevitable tide of comparisons heading their way. What's the word we are hunting for here? ... COLDPLAY that's it ... didn't take long. Chris Martin's ears must be burning every time someone plays this record and says "Ooh doesn't it sound like Coldplay?" Now hold on, there is no doubting that when forming a band, the members of Fell City Girl did not have some sort of malevolent plan to cash in by sounding like Cold Patrol or Snow Play but it was merely the kind of thing they liked. Fair play to them and all that, but the A&R man who stumbled across them must have pissed himself with excitement at the thought of marketing a band that sounds like the aforementioned in a blender with just a pinch of The Kooks' unnatural vocal inflection. They probably bummed each other all over the office as it was played for the first time on Radio 2 and then promptly called the bank to arrange a visit to their Scrooge McDuck-style money pit. As safe as safe can be, the future path of Fell City Girl looks to be straight down the middle all the way to be standing in front of 40,000 of middle class England's finest on stage at the capital of all things commercial... the V Festival (see Keane this year for comparative notes). Snore!



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