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Diamonds in the Sky by Husky Rescue

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Reviewed on 4th November 2006.


Diamonds in the Sky

By Husky Rescue

You know them letters that get sent into Ceefax music and entertainment section page 518? Let me give you a few examples: "Richey Manic is by far and out the greatest guitarist of all time" / "I hate The Beatles, they haven't done anything for music. Megadeath are far better, check them out" / "What has happened to Toploader? I'm really missing them. Anymore Toploader fans out there?" [ed- Toploader split about five years ago love. They ain't coming back. Thank fuck.]

Husky Rescue appeared in those very pages last week: "Everyone out there should listen to Husky Rescue. They're the best band I've heard in ages". Since who? Coldplay? Funeral For A Friend? Malt Loaf? I can't say I was too excited, judging by the despicable tastes of at least 80% of visitors to that page.

But as some scouser from a shit Britpop band put it, "shock, shock, horror horror, shock, shock, horror".

Why? Well, Husky Rescue are probably the most exciting band ever to be mentioned on Ceefax 518 since. You see, 'Diamonds In The Sky' is quite possibly the most hypnotic piece of music I have ever heard in my life. Times a thousand. Twice.

Imagine Alison Goldfrapp in bed with Bjork (really, don't get too excited), having overdosed on sleeping pills, stuck inside a 24 hour dream (see). Imagine fluffy cats flying through woods of chocolate trees, dropping confetti like it never existed. Imagine a world where money doesn't matter and Jeff Buckley sings you to sleep. Imagine that fecking John Lennon song never happened...

And then, back in the real world. A world where Paris Hilton is news, Catherine Tate is the cutting edge of comedy and people like Carlton Palmer are allowed to exist.

The depressing reality of true life only serves to highten the importance of Husky Rescue's most recent musical offering. The idea if flying away and "hugging the wind with my wings" seems the perfect form of escapism, especially to someone whose limit of excitement is a Saturday afternoon at KitKat towers, watching York struggle against teams like Forest Green and Dr Alban.

The song itself never quite reaches even mid-tempo, but in a world where everything seems so frantic, who cares? For four minutes 'Diamonds In The Sky' sleepily passes by in such a continuous manner that you forget about the headlines you saw on the news half an hour previously. It would be slightly hyperbolic to say it's so much more than just a piece of music but like its closest neighbour, Goldfrapp's 'Felt Mountain' it does take you to another dimension.

Will you like it though? Well this young Trail Of Dead obsessive does. Obviously if your musical tastes range from Kiss to Motley Crew then it's probably best to stay away and resign yourself to years of dancing programmes, Graham Norton and page 518. In the meantime I'll happily fly on, smoking the clouds as I drop my confetti over the chocolate trees.




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