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Some Dresses by Dananananaykroyd

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Reviewed on 4th November 2006.


Some Dresses

By Dananananaykroyd

Through the wreckage of complete structural dereliction, Glasgow punk collective Dananananaykroyd fashion an urgent, glorious mess of a track. 'Some Dresses' is a little difficult to pin down in that it's fundamentally punk sounding but with uncharacteristically clean multi-channel production values. Yet it's not particularly mainstream and in actual fact it could well be two songs cobbled together. After a shambling breakdown midway through they rebuild with increased precision, climbing and surging toward the expected blaze of glory. But they ignore the rulebook and the final section tails off in to nothing more than an extended fadeout. After this the b-side ('Genuine lbs') sounds a little unadventurous, retreating as it does to safer ground.

They remind me of fellow unpronounceable Scots Urusei Yatsura as both appropriate the experimental rambling forever associated with Sonic Youth. Dananananaykroyd are not your typical art-rock band however and their sound is better classified alongside recent US hardcore idols Braid and Hot Water Music. Their opening line suggests they are confident of making a similar impact: "Yeah! Can you smell it in the air? There is something brilliant approaching." Smells like victory.



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