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Man I Hate Your Band by Little Man Tate

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Reviewed on 6th November 2006.


Man I Hate Your Band

By Little Man Tate

'Man I Hate Your Band' is the latest offering from "soon to be massive" Sheffield starlets, Little Man Tate.

It's refreshing to hear. So many producers fail to capture the live excitement of a band on record, especially considering debuts. See Nine Black Alps' sheened effort for example. This however is as authentic as they come, while at the same time preferring to stay away from the ramshackle laziness that ruins practically everything Pete Doherty does.

It's lyrically witty, and thankfully not novelty as the title may suggest. Like so many classic singles, it keeps you hooked for the whole duration, sprouting lines that attack bands whose egos become inflated far too quickly (ahem, The Horrors). Check out the chorus' repetition of the song title and the sarcastic second verse that begins "we're going down to London, we're going to sign a deal, we know a guy in Camden, who says that we're unreal."

Enjoy Little Man Tate while you can. Before you can say Arctic Monkeys, it'll be uncool to like them. Jarvis Cocker may have already proclaimed his dislike for LMT's enthusiasm for everyday issues (umm) but sod him - this is better than 90% of Britpop ever was, or will be.

And no, Kula Shaker - that 10% doesn't include you.



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On 7th November 2006 at 09:53 Anonymous 30 wrote...

Either that's a very convincing piss take or that isn't the link to their website. I like the idea that it might be but I think the PR money men would never allow such deviation from the top-man catwalk.


On 7th November 2006 at 12:07 Dave LMS wrote...





On 7th November 2006 at 16:33 Anonymous 30 wrote...

If people want to share the joke just go to littlemantate.com instead


On 8th November 2006 at 16:01 Anonymous 5643 wrote...

What an absolute legend!



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