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Real Life Is Absent by Blue Mantis

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Reviewed on 1st February 2002.


Real Life Is Absent

By Blue Mantis

Blue Mantis do muscular, slow rock with a heavy heart. Each song lumbers along like a Motorhead single played at thirty three and a third. (check your music history books) Every track has a nice little guitar touch somewhere. "Infatuation" opens well at track three.

In general the singing lacks conviction and the lyrics are vaguely unhappy without being specific. "Your candle burns but there's no smoke with your fire" is one of the better lines.

This is beginner music that has some charm. But I get that familiar feeling that what we have here is the local venue humpers having a pre sound check jam while the name band and the road crew are sleeping in the tour bus. I have personally played in worse bands.



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On 5th August 2004 at 00:04 Anonymous 2972 wrote...

i personally think Real Life Is Absent is a quality recording, a bit like dashboard confessional who i love. i would definately buy this EP



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