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Recent Advances Vol II by Fortune Drive

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Reviewed on 10th November 2006.


Recent Advances Vol II

By Fortune Drive

This is not as the title might suggest, a back to back collection of "bonkers" dance tunes as is usually the case with anything suffixed with "Vol 2". Quite to the contrary Fortune Drive are yet another guitar bashing bunch of young men with a good time to have. If it's sounding all too familiar and the yawn is already forming in your mouth, then who could blame you? The current "crop" of downward guitar / spiky / angular / Liber-Strokes / ruffled hair and t-shirts from Top Man bands seems in no danger of dying out and the laws of supply and demand may seem a little unbalanced. But, where Bristolians Fortune Drive set themselves apart is with a keen ear for balls out guitar and the crackling vocals of front man Bobby Anderson. Ironically title track Recent Advances Vol 2 is not the jewel in the crown of this display, although up there for its pop undertones and rifling guitar it is actually B-side To The Rye that will win over the true fan of pounding guitar, drums and adrenaline. Not a million miles from Nine Black Alps or Dogs, the same rock sensibilities keep this slightly too strong for the fey Indie set and that love of chips and gravy will keep Fortune Drive a popular choice with those who want more than musical salad with dressing.



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