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Cool As You, Charles by Education

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Reviewed on 13th November 2006.


Cool As You, Charles

By Education

Education use brash guitars and a singer that sounds rather like Morrissey to create rip-roaring 80s style punk-pop tunes.

1) Opener 'Cool As You' rattles and rolls into your ears at super high speed before shooting off again as quickly as it came. On show is pretty standard Rakes-like fare which despite lacking imaginative lyrics makes up for it with high octane thrashing of power chords and boundless energy from an enthusiastic rhythm section.

2) Next song Charles follows along similar lines yet repetitive lyrics ("Charles you're just a man in a suit" x a lot) and a lack of lustre in the originality dept all add up to a tune which despite some promise can't help but begin to grate on your brain. Still a stab at the Prince of Wales will always make for interesting subject matter even if it's not perfectly executed.

Overall Education show plenty of spark despite a general inability to ever really knock the classic pop-hit nail on the head.

Final Mark
6/10 and a merit for effort but must continue to try harder.



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On 19th November 2006 at 20:36 Anonymous 6136 wrote...

I'm not as cool as you
But I was at school
Do you want to be
Cooler than me
Think about it you're 33

Several years have passed
And now at last
You're wearing all the clothes
You wanted to

But I like your style
It's the best I've seen
It could be right for you
If you were still 19

Call it sour grapes Chris WoolForbrains but these are not unimaginative lyrics.


On 20th November 2006 at 09:48 Anonymous 6054 wrote...

Yep. You've really got me over a barrel there.



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