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My Brothers Blood Machine by The Prize Fighter Inferno

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Reviewed on 14th November 2006.


My Brothers Blood Machine

By The Prize Fighter Inferno

With all the recent success of Coheed And Cambria's recent 'Good Apollo...' album it was only a matter of time before lead singer, Claudio Sanchez' side project would see light of day. Recorded in various places over the past seven years, the album sees another side of Claudio's writing genius, replacing his conventional dual guitars and smooth bass lines for computerized instruments and sound effects.

With opening song 'The Going Price For Home', the drone effect on the keyboard gives the impression that this album may be dark, moody and miserable, but give it a minute and you'll soon realise that this is quite the opposite, despite the general slow tempo of the songs here.

The acoustic guitar is also heavily featured here in such songs as 'The Fight Of Moses Early And Sir Arthur McCloud'. Wordy indeed, but Claudio's never exactly been a simple person. The use of the acoustic guitar and other instruments creates a new dynamic to his song writing, and most Coheed fans would notice how relaxed and chilled this album actually is, good simply for relaxing and listening to the different melodies.

Such melodies apparent in songs such as 'Who Watches The Watchman', which is computer generated pop bliss. Songs like these are exactly the reason why this album is good. Claudio manages to prove his worth as a writer regardless to what instrument he's playing, which makes these songs irresistible.

With that said, this album will take a few listens, as they are not the most conventional sounding pop songs, but within a few listens, I challenge anyone not to like this.



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