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100lbs by Herbert

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Reviewed on 20th November 2006.



By Herbert

Still revelling in the acclaim of this year's "Scale" release, Matthew Herbert has treated fans to a second 2006 album (albeit a re-release). 100lbs was initially the product of 3 EPs that were merged together to create his debut album some 10 years ago. This release features the added bonus of a 2nd CD with exclusive tracks from the same era.

Probably best known for his avant-garde approach to music making, Herbert is also no stranger to the concept of house music. This record displays his early ability to carve out a groove in the form of stripped down, raw and repetitive beats. Despite been widely considered a house record this has some rather techy moments too, and you can hear glimpses of Herbert's early innovatory skills via many off the wall rhythms & unusual arrangements.

If some people can consider 100lbs a genre defining album, you can only begin to wonder what kind of effect bonus disc would have had at the time. The exclusive material is bolder, more abrasive and a vastly artistic improvement resulting in a much more attractive proposition. You may feel the need to ask why this material didn't feature within the original release all those years ago, and the only possible reason I can find is perhaps it was the pressure to release something deemed more accessible (especially with a debut).

Despite the moments of original bliss this record still manages to sound reasonably dated, purely due to the disappointing production (which sounds more like 1985 rather 1995) And whilst people might argue over just how influential 100lbs was, I would say the biggest significance is it hailed the beginning of a very fine British artist in Matthew Herbert.



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