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History / Fire Come Soon by Grand Volume

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Reviewed on 20th November 2006.


History / Fire Come Soon

By Grand Volume

More press bollocks comes armed with Grand Volume, this time literally. 'History' is not the "blistering prog-punk masterpiece" that we are led to believe. Far from it, in fact.

Let's not get ahead of ourselves just because the NME have described Grand Volume's sound as "classic stadium bombast" and "death noise". Hell, they could talk up a Calling album if they wanted to, and the indie kids would lap it up. In reality, Grand Volume are merely quite good, especially musically as the grandiose Muse-esque prog of 'Fire Come Soon' clearly conveys.

No, the main problem here is the vocals. To back up epic comparisons then surely you need a Conrad Keely, Thom Yorke or Matt Bellamy-like vocalist, i.e. something to give you that final edge. Unfortunately, Tommy Sheals-Barrett's voice doesn't quite make the cut.

It's a shame, for during the breakneck close of 'History' he seems more than able to move up a gear along with the song. 'Fire Come Soon' however, sounds like the singer from No Hope In New Jersey singing over Muse's 'New Born', which does seem a slight waste of what could have been an exhilarating four minutes.

This isn't a general dig at his voice, let it be known. I'd take him over that dreary tosser from Embrace any day. It's just frustrating that in comparison to the band's forward thinking music, Sheals-Barrett's voice seems so ordinary. Grand Volume are a good band and deserve recognition, but if they're looking for ridiculous hyperbole then perhaps they should stick to the NME.

Maybe one day they'll even make the cool list.



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