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The Catastrophe EP by Fahrenheit 451

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Reviewed on 26th November 2006.


The Catastrophe EP

By Fahrenheit 451

Deeming themselves to be an explosive mix of Muse and early Manics, I approached this CD tentatively, with a mixture of doubt and excitement. It seems though that they've hit the nail on the head, combining the political ferocity of Matt Bellamy, with the early punk rising of the boy wonders from Wales. The Catastrophe EP is a dynamic and attention seeking collection of unambiguous, straight to the point songs, radiating passion, belief and exigency.

Opener 'Don't Change the Calendar' explodes with heavy guitar riffs and frantic drumbeats to deliver a heavy punk tale of hypocrisy and democracy. A sense of urgency and honesty radiates from the vocals against this furious musical backdrop. 'The Inequality of Now' begins teasingly and ominously with a single bass and drumbeat, developing into a nihilistic rock burner with anger and contempt as they sing "The money's disappearing upwards / But we're not disappearing downwards / And we will drag history forwards!". They summon a sense of unity and necessity to act, without leaving you feeling pressured and drained. Closing song The Start of the End of the World is a an anthemic commentary on the war, fusing optimism and pessimism with lyrics such as "If we can't trust each other now (it's the end of the world)" and "We - won't - let - you - destroy - everything".

Politically inept, they present their beliefs as a commentary, not forcing them down your throat, but presenting their views so you can react in whatever way you choose. It is this stance that is to be admired in a time when so many views are forced down are throats until we become numb to them. Fahrenheit 451 enable you to feel again, and respond, not through force, but through the sheer intensity of their conviction and passion that 'The Catastrophe EP' exudes.



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