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Creep by Abigail's Party

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Reviewed on 28th November 2006.



By Abigail's Party

Radiohead classic Creep immediately arouses the distinct, despair instilled vocals of Thom Yorke, the crashing moody guitars and drums and the utter lyrical hopelessness of Thom Yorke. Therefore to cover this is a bold move for any artist to make, in particular as a first single from an unheard female artist. Is this bravery, or arrogant stupidity?

Abigail Houldsworth, under the guise of Abigail's Party, is no ordinary artist. Desperate to distinguish herself from thousands of other hopefuls, she has devised a unique selling point that differentiates her from the rest. After a chance meeting with Gary Grainger, Rod Stewart's ex guitarist, she came to record 'Creep', but still needed money to finance the rest of her album. So, taking inspiration from a web millionaire, for the first time in recording history Abigail is selling advertising space on her album cover, by dividing it into 1600 squares to be sold to selected advertisers for 150 each.

But the question is, is she worth this investment? It could be argued that taking on the beloved Radiohead classic, distinctly Thom Yorke's song, is a strong enough test to prove her worth as an artist. And after listening, despite doubts about the ability of anyone to pull it off, I'm pleased to say that she really does. 'Creep' sounds like a new song under Abigail's guise, taking such a different approach that Radiohead comparisons are abandoned. Abigail maintains the sad, melancholic vibe, but chooses a piano in the place of rock guitars, and a beautiful, strong, female vocal in place of Thom Yorke's harrowing tones. Since receiving this song I must have played it at least 20 times, as it has that kind of irresistible, powerful effect on you. Sounding just as spellbinding with a female vocal, Abigail offers an entirely different perspective which makes comparisons difficult indeed.

In releasing 'Creep', Abigail has not only proved her immense bravery and talent, but also an enormous amount of intelligence, in confidently giving the ultimate proof that she has what it takes and is worth every penny. 12 advertisers have apparently already signed up, and after hearing this song, I'm sure it won't be long before that CD cover is completely full.



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On 30th November 2006 at 15:32 Anonymous 30 wrote...

I can't believe this got 4.5/5!!! The cover is bloody awful.


On 1st December 2006 at 09:44 Anonymous 6054 wrote...

Maybe LMS have bought some of her album artwork ads.

Have to say, everything about this artist - working with one of Rob Stewart's mates, selling ad space on her CD, MOR Radiohead covers - it all just sounds horrible.

Anyway, a well written review none the less.



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