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Far Too Long EP by Dialog

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Reviewed on 2nd December 2006.


Far Too Long EP

By Dialog

For a while now I've been searching for something fresh and new to add to my heavier collection, but at the same time something that still clings to the roots of the legendary bands that I grew up with - thank god for Dialog.

This eclectic bunch of European young men, ranging from Spain, England, Bulgaria and France, shouldn't really work given the usual cultural differences between the countries they originate from, however after listening to the three tracks on this EP I am completely blown away, by not only Plamen B's (lead singer) vocal talent but also the accompanying musicianship.

The first track 'Far Too Long' is a real garage rock bouncing tune that would usually just be found on the American market.

Plamen can wail like a caged banshee with a raw soulful edge to his voice whilst working in perfect musical harmony with his drummer Ollie S, and to say he is only 27 years old he shows a maturity to his voice that I have only ever heard in the likes of Zakk Wylde or Anthony Kiedes.

There are some amicable little guitar licks plastered all the way through this track from guitarist Adam Petty, all swept nicely along with utmost tightness from George George (Bass guitar). This tune is lyrically very stunning and it is not hard to see why they have been contacted to provide a musical backdrop for TV advertising, especially for Sky Sports where the music would be well suited to all aspects of either energy fuelled action.

Although this track did remind me a little of Tool, its originality on the take of what we call Indie/Rock/Metal has opened my eyes to a fresh new sound that these guys have produced and had me hooked from the first vocal and beat.

Second track on the EP 'Mystery' surprised me somewhat with its ballad intro of a gentle acoustic sound. After hearing the first track and then this it is apparent that these young men are extremely versatile in their playing and styles and I'm sure they would have something for everyone in their repertoire. I really loved this tune for its delicate simplicity which shows the front man execute beautiful and melodic tones which is a delight in this day and age of emo and angst. It is deliberate and intense and it is hard to get a good balance but they have managed it effortlessly.

Third track 'Step On My Face' is much more heavier and again will prick up your ears, this is something amazing and by the time you fit all these jigsaw pieces of Dialog together you will come out with a mini masterpiece. It shifts from ballads to chugging, layered mid-tempo funk metal in the blink of an eye, and with the last track on here you are definitely left wanting more!

The combination of gritty vocals, blistering guitars, pounding bass and masterful drum work is reminiscent of a lot of other classic bands, but this is done their way.

If you're looking for music that takes no prisoners and kicks you in the teeth when you're down then this is for you, I can't recommend this EP enough. I hope these guys will be doing much more in the future as I think the RHCP's have a contender for their crown - which let's face it is getting a bit old and commercially dusty these days and needs someone to come along and polish it off!



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