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On a Holiday by Alterkicks

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Reviewed on 3rd December 2006.


On a Holiday

By Alterkicks

'All killer no filler!' screams this current single from the Liverpudlian quintet and under a foreboding bass line, that's a good thing. For once: a bad unafraid to stand up and be counted but without the unnecessary priggish attitude. Sinister lyrics are concealed beneath an upbeat melody 'Summer in the sun / Where we don't have to worry 'bout gettin' blown up now' to quote. Fucking politics at last in an age where some people are blissfully ignorant of the vital life-affecting changes taking place around them.

The classic 'Oh mother / Look what they've done to us / Oh mother / Look what's become of us' oh so effective and evocative of the very maternal feelings Martin Stilwell and band mates seek to instil.

'I gotta keep myself fit / Because the public hate it when you're not too healthy' can be interpreted as a nod to the increasingly concerning celebrity culture and the sufferers of the so labelled 'celebrity worship syndrome'. How awesome are Alterkicks' social observations.

An electric instrumental wastes no time in gathering momentum towards Stilwell's most ambitious singing yet: 'You know you made your bed / You better talk alone or just lay down in it' perhaps a forthright statement to the political leaders who make too many wrong decisions.

'On A Holiday' is a politically-charged comment about our society. Not a feel-good pop song.

How refreshing... Alterkicks are here to stay if this and their recent support slots with The Automatic are anything to go by.



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