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Shining Bright Star by Black Strobe

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Reviewed on 16th December 2006.


Shining Bright Star

By Black Strobe

"Black Strobe have been in demand for many years from artists who feel their music could benefit from some twisted tweaking".

You don't say. If you're looking for the next Snow Patrol then stop reading and get back to your Travis albums, you're looking at the wrong review.

Wonderfully named potential Bond villains Ivan Smagghe and Arnaud Rebotni make up Black Strobe. And to make this easier for the reader, I'm going to pigeonhole them - gothic doom disco with not a glow stick in sight, for 'Shining Black Star' is downright dirty fuelled grit. Lyrically, don't be confused by the main vocal of which I am going to quote: "Ooh baby, I wanna be your shining bright star". This is not Embrace, but chat up for bikers addicted to frivolous sex and sleazy activities with the cook at the motorway greasy spoon, with a nasal voice accompanied by heavy breathing. Rather disturbing actually. Musically, a grinding bass accompanies a rather tedious techno bleep that runs for the whole duration of the song. Had Depeche Mode written the theme for Knight Rider it would have probably sounded like this. But good. Guitars chop around whenever they feel necessary and it all ends up feeling rather warped and low on substance.

Despite its sleazy nature, it ends up like a fat trucker - hardly likely to set the pulses racing. Boredom ensues at around three minutes in and it begins to sound like the Infadels. As a result, any worth the track has in your record collection disappears, and the end is as much a relief as a big steaming piss.




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