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Mun Ja Mun by Adjágas

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Reviewed on 16th December 2006.


Mun Ja Mun

By Adjágas

Adjágas is the Sami word for the mental state between waking and sleeping. Fuck knows what 'mun ja mun' means though...

For the good of this review though I'm going to play a game. Let me guess first; I believe that 'mun ja mun' can be translated to 'money, yes money!'

Which is rather dratful really. Because now that means that Adjágas are surely going to be four teenage boys from London with a penchant for a band of years gone by entitled The Libertines. You may have heard of them, but for those that haven't, they were a young beat combo who made some timeless classics. The unfortunate thing however, is that the music press didn't get quite enough of them to be able to pleasure themselves by knocking them down before they split. Therefore, copycats have their eye on the prize that The Libertines failed to capitalize (ahem).

Hence, 'Mun Ja Mun'. The follow up will surely be called 'Pirate Hash For Mr Biggles', non? Here's the unpredictable bit - how wrong I am!

This is a strange musical endevour if there ever was one. Three sections of slow, acoustic and country tinged strumming are broken up by thirty second bouts of music that you would expect to accompany Grizzly Bear mating season on Wildlife On 2. Over the strumming is an unrecognisable chant of that would sound out of place on Sunrise FM. It's original, quite startlingly beautiful and very uplifting, which is the perfect antidote to Christmas. You little wallet thieving fucks.

In disbelief, I pour myself a glass of the finest Huddersfield tap water and press play again. I might just have time to complete this before the poison kills me.

Cor blimey Guvnor of the good ship Albion, my ears did not deceive me! Perhaps my guess was wrong. Maybe you could have a go? Leave your answers in the comments box, if you really can be arsed.

This really is adjagas. Let's hope their appropriate name also applies for the mental state between sleeping and sleeping, because by my reckoning, I must only have about fifteen seconds left.

Should've stuck with Buxton.



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