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Enjoy Eternal Bliss by Yndi Halda

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Reviewed on 21st December 2006.


Enjoy Eternal Bliss

By Yndi Halda

Can anyone remember instrumental guitar-music (or, ahem, "Post-Rock") being in such robust health as of now? 2006 has certainly been the year where releases from luminaries of the scene such as Sigur Ros, Mogwai and Pelican have helped to make the genre increasingly less of an "underground" concern as bands of their ilk find greater exposure to mainstream and commercial recognition. With their debut E.P. release, Yndi Halda could soon find themselves courted as one of the leading lights in this scene, as if this is a definitive statement of intent for the shape of things to come then those of an excitable persuasion would be quite justified in getting a twitch in their pants.

But, heed, enough of this preamble-babble. The most important thing is the music- and of that, there certainly is a lot. 66 minutes over 4 tracks to be precise. Patience isn't something just used to describe the contents of a doctors surgery you know. But this is a release that's worth your full all attention, with opener "Dash and Blast" being a case in point; neatly picked guitars and a haunting violin line giving way to a Explosions-esque burst of noise that grows and grows into the realms of the epic, before readjusting itself into a more sedate and lamenting style; almost two (or even three) songs incorporated into one.

Throughout the recording the music is carried and underpinned by the gorgeous lament of Daniel Neal's electric violin; at times both mournful yet searching and full of hope, this is perhaps Yndi Halda's key to distinguishing themselves. But this band is no one-trick pony; instruments such as banjoes, glockenspiels and the Piano are also incorporated, giving the E.P. a rich mix of sounds. Structurally, the songs are also imaginative enough to avoid repetition or trudging their way through turgid wig-outs, with songs changing pace and dynamic in tandem with the melody...

Definitely ones to keep an eye on, Yndi Halda have produced a fresh, imaginative and beautiful debut. Perfect music for staring at the sky by.



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