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Leni by GoodBooks

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Reviewed on 21st December 2006.



By GoodBooks

You know when a song just grabs you and won't let go? The music courses through your bloodstream and into your mind and your murkiest thoughts... 'Leni' is just so infectious.

A foreboding introduction sets the tone for a deceptively upbeat song riddled with dark lyricism. An ode to the distressing lives we lead 'I cannot see the day for night' and to the unknowns who control us so easily 'They bring me down, they push me around / They kick my face into the ground' all layered amongst a thrilling musical arrangement countered by delicate vocals and a sick bass line.

An increase in tempo and pitch of the vocals is as apt as ever on the bridge about the woman of the title who is merciless in the game called love. 'She might as well leave me for dead' a succinct explanation as to why 'There are times when I will need you', an alternative to help through the struggle.

A turn for the better after the rather climactic chorus 'I owe so much of me to you' until the all too familiar tone of dread returns 'You never stopped to tell me why'. The narrative has changed however, as the unknown party of the bridge has now become the subject of the song.

A refreshingly dramatic up tempo climax 'And do you know I don't think she means it / I would give so much to believe' as the vocals and instruments fuse together magnificently to almost cathartic effect, once the realisation that Leni doesn't really care at all, dawns on the persona of the track.

The song is more energised after its climax as professions of 'I will love her from the grave' and the false finish followed by emphasis of the aforementioned message.

The only qualm I have, just to be critically correct would be that the climax doesn't come quickly enough, but the band's confirmed support slot for The Maccabees' NME Awards Show and subsequently their entire tour testifies that no-one's paying attention to minor criticisms.



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